Leadership Summit Registration


The Virtual Leadership Summit is scheduled for Saturday, February 6—Saturday, February 13, 2021. Sessions will be scattered throughout the week to accommodate varying schedules. A complete listing of sessions with dates and times will be available soon. We’re excited to bring the policy makers and movers and shakers during the leadership summit.

With a new administration and Congress, a looming drought, an evolving food system, and shifting regulations and programs, there has never been a more important time for agriculture to be at the table. Farmers, ranchers, and food systems workers need to constructively take part in the issues that impact their livelihoods, to build the future for our industry, our nation’s food supply, and our environment. This year’s virtual Leadership Summit will engage with lawmakers working on agriculture and natural resource issues and deep dive on essential topics like our water future, climate and soil programs, meat processing, and financial planning.

Leadership Summit Registration

  • The Virtual Leadership Summit will begin Saturday, February 6—Saturday, February 13, 2021
  • During the RMFU Leadership Summit, we’ll be discussing issues with legislators and diving deep on topics that are really important to Farmers Union Members. For that reason, we’re reserving participation in the summit for members only. But don’t worry! It’s easy to become a member. Go to rmfu.org/become-a-member to join or call Michele at 303-283-3538 and learn all about membership benefits.
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