Fly In 2021

You Can Make A Difference

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union members will participate in National Farmers Union’s virtual Fall Fly-In this month. Immediately below is a link to an RMFU recording of the orientation Zoom meeting which highlights details of this year’s Fly-In, as well as a link to the NFU orientation video that looks specifically at the policy talking points. Each offers tips and insights on how easy it is to be an advocate for agriculture.

NFU Fly-In Issues and Technical Briefing – YouTube

NFU events will include USDA briefings by top officials, discussions with the Executive Branch about concentration and competition in the marketplace and meetings with key agricultural leaders in Congress. RMFU is scheduling select Congressional meetings with offices from Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming from Sept 20 – Oct 5. Additional details will be shared with members.


NFU Talking Points.

In just the past year, an extreme drought, wildfires, severe storms, and hurricanes have affected our farms, ranches, and communities. Rising average temperatures and more frequent and extreme weather events complicate our operations, consequently threatening rural livelihoods and national food security. To help with these issues, Congress and the Biden Administration are considering legislation that would strengthen infrastructure across the country. These efforts would combat climate change, fund agricultural research, spur rural development, and support renewable energy and biofuels. To learn more about the the key issues – Competitive Markets, Rural and Agricultural Infrastructure, and Addressing Disasters and Climate Change, read through the NFU Talking Points by clicking on the link below.

Fly-in 2021 Talking Points

National Farmers Union Schedule

Throughout the day: Congressional office meetings
11 am – 12:30pm Mountain: USDA and Administration Briefing (CONFIRMED)
This session will include presentations from USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack (INVITED) and other USDA leaders and Administration officials. Register here:

Throughout the day: Congressional Office Meetings
11 am – 11:45pm Mountain: Fairness for Farmers Event (TENTATIVE)
An online town hall and press conference that will focus on competition and anti-trust with key leaders in Washington. The event will streamed on Facebook and can also be accessed here:
• Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), Ranking Member, Senate Judiciary Committee (INVITED)
• Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Chair, Senate Judiciary Subcom. on Competition (INVITED)
• Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) (INVITED)
• Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) (INVITED)

Throughout the day: Congressional Office Meetings
4pm – 5:30pm Mountain: Virtual Fly-in Wrap-Up (CONFIRMED)
A fun, relaxed time to reflect upon the week’s activities with other Farmers Union members. Join here:

To participate in this event, please email your name and contact information to Dan Waldvogle at