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January 8-15, 2019

Interactive Ag Marketing from the comfort of your home or office!
This Basic Ag Marketing Webinar is an introductory course covering the mechanics of cash, futures, and options markets. This webinar is designed to meet the needs of agriculture producers who are new to commodity marketing and are looking for techniques to improve the prices they receive for their crops and livestock.
Topics to be addressed:
Jan. 8 – Cash Markets, Basis
Jan. 15 – Using Futures to Manage Price Risk
Jan. 22 – Using the Options to Manage Price Risk
Jan. 29 – Price Seasonality, Selecting a Broker, Pre-& Post Harvest Market Planning

In addition to the opportunity for producers to participate in the webinar series from home, your local bank or farm organizations could also purchase a site ticket for $50 and host a group of farmers/ranchers at their facility. This would allow producers without an adequate Internet connection or computer equipment (system requirements are listed on the flyer) to participate. Please feel free to share the attached flyer with interested banks or farm organizations in your area.

2019 Ag Marketing Lunch_Learn

January 13 -17, 2019
NFU’s 2019 Women’s Conference theme is “Farming in Community.” Farming is never a one-woman job – it takes a village to run a successful operation. This conference will not only focus on the concept of agricultural community building, but it will provide attendees with their own network of women farmers and ranchers they can reach out to throughout the year.

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February 27 – 28, 20196th Annual High Plains Organic Farming Conference in Cheyenne, Wyoming. We will focus on marketing, different organic practices, soil health, and much more.

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