Rocky Mountain Farmers Union Fellows Program

     The VISION of the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union Fellows program is to be the resource network of trained leaders who will serve all aspects of agriculture and rural communities for Farmers Union and beyond.

The future of American agriculture and rural communities lies in the hands of those involved. As our hometowns and the face of family farming change, we need to ensure that those involved in decision-making understand and appreciate the role our communities play in the American economy and our society as a whole.

Our Fellows Program is centered on the need for strong leadership in agriculture and our rural communities. Join us in this exciting year-long journey that will positively impact your life, livelihood, and community for years to come.


Four weekend sessions will be held over the course of the year, with the highlight of the program being a trip to Washington, DC. Each session will focus on a new area that is instrumental in leadership and personal development. Those areas include, but are not limited to: Farmers Union toolbox, rural empowerment, communication skills, cooperative principles, and local, state, and federal government.


Your investment is your TIME. Lodging, meals, and childcare all are covered by RMFU. A fun activity or free time will be included in each session. Come and network with those who have similar interests and want to make a difference in their communities.

For more information about the Rocky Mountain Fellows Program contact Jennifer Luitjens Bahr at 303-283-3550 or by email jennifer.bahr@rmfu.org.