RMFU 2020 Convention

Things Will Be Different

Dear RMFU Members,

I think everyone can agree the year 2020 will go down as a year of many changes. As we move toward convention in November, we don’t know what changes will happen between now and then, so our employees at RMFU have been working hard to make plans and contingency plans to ensure we are able to have the best convention we can in light of the current situation.

With that said, just as 2020 is not a typical year, our 2020 convention will not be a typical convention. Your RMFU Board of Directors met late last week, and after hours of discussion, directed staff to pursue a hybrid online/in person convention plan. More information will be available soon, but suffice it to say, policy adoption – one of the cornerstones of our convention and organization – will not look the same this year.

Due to the modified schedule, the Board directed the State Policy Committee to concentrate on no more than five Special Orders of Business, along with making focused, limited changes to the 2021 policy document. In addition, due to limited in-person attendance and online remote participation, policy debate as we know it normally will not be possible. This year, the Policy Committee’s recommendations will be given an up/down vote by the delegates during convention with no discussion from the delegation. We ask any members with input and suggestions to please contact your District Policy Committee Member, the RMFU Director of External Affairs, or myself with those proposals no later than October 31st. These suggestions will be considered at a second Policy Committee meeting prior to convention for inclusion in the Redlined version that will be considered for an up/down vote at convention.

As you will see in the Redlined RMFU Policy Book, which is now on RMFU’s website (www.rmfu.org/what-we-do/legislation/rmfu-policy/), the Policy Committee made limited updates and adopted one Special Order of Business titled “Consolidation in the Meat Industry.” Please study both and offer any input for policy or additional Special Orders of Business by October 31st.

2020 RMFU State Policy Committee Members (Map Below)
Committee Chair: Chad Franke – chadvfranke@hotmail.com
RMFU Board Representative: John Field – jrfield@outlook.com
District I: Barbara Pfaltzgraff – bsanborn805@gmail.com
District II: Sondra Pierce – sondrapierce3@yahoo.com
District III: (Wyoming): Fred Macy – kamacy@rtconnect.net
District IV: Michelle Castillo – farmers@hollowhornfarm.com
District V: Kyler Brown – kowboykjb@gmail.com
District VI: Meg Caley – meg@sproutcityfarms.org
District VII (New Mexico): Charles Hibner – charleshibner0@gmail.com
Youth Representative: Daisy Miller – daisy.miller714@gmail.com

RMFU Director of External Affairs: Nick Levendofsky – nick.levendofsky@rmfu.org

As disappointing as it is to not be able to debate policy in person, we must make the best of this strange year, and look forward to our typical lively policy debate in 2021.


Chad Franke, RMFU Vice President