The Path Toward Policy

Here is how your grassroots policy development works

The Path Towards Policy

The RMFU Policy Committee met over the weekend of August 28-29 and developed the Redline Policy Manual for member consideration for the 2021 RMFU Annual Convention. The RMFU Redline Policy Manual and other information can be found at

Do you see something that you would like to change? Members can now reflect upon the RMFU Redline Policy Manual and submit new or revised policy proposals. We ask that members use the RMFU Policy Change Form that is available on the RMFU website and submit policy language prior to convention. All proposals must be submitted to Dan Waldvogle no later than Wednesday, November 10 for consideration. Email him at

[After the November 10 deadline, members will need to propose policy language directly to delegates on the floor at convention.]

The RMFU Policy Committee will approve proposals and develop an addendum for delegate consideration on the afternoon of Thursday, November 18 in Greeley. Members are welcome to present their policy proposals during this meeting. They can also provide a brief written rationale to accompany their proposals.

In addition, the RMFU Policy Committee will hold three calls during the month of October to allow for further discussion on the following three topics.

Tuesday, Oct. 12 @ 5:30 pm – Water (gap waters, speculation, demand management, residential reduction, non-point source and water quality, etc.)

Tuesday, Oct. 19 @ 5:30 pm -Ag Labor, Worker Dignity and Economic Justice 

Tuesday, Oct. 26 @ 5:30 pm -Livestock (processing, concentration and market competition, etc.)

All of the calls have the same Zoom/call-in info:

Call-In: 253 215 8782

Meeting ID: 759 812 9439

Passcode: 9999

To recap, as a member you have a number of options to bring forward a policy idea for consideration. You can work with your chapter, you can go through your policy committee member, you can join and participate in one of the three scheduled calls, you can email submissions to Dan or you can propose your idea directly to RMFU delegates at our Annual Convention in Greeley November, 19th and 20th.


Your 2021 Policy Committee Members include:

District 1 – Rachael Stoudt

District 2 – Katherine Marty

District 3 – Adam Bunker

District 4 – Kathryn Bedell

District 5 – Kyler Brown

District 6 – Meg Caley

District 7 – Charles Hibner

Committee Chair – Chad Franke

RMFU Board Representative – Barb Marty