Membership Explained

Membership Levels

Eligible for home and auto insurance policy discounts as well as other benefits such as retail discounts and RMFU communications.

All benefits associated with an Associate Membership as well as access to a discount on a farm policy, complimentary AD&D coverage, and organizational voting rights.

Designed for students over 16, interns, apprentices, AmeriCorps volunteers, or other equivalent full-time volunteers. All the benefits of a Regular Membership are conferred to Student Members.

Memberships are based on individuals. Regular Membership benefits can also extend to immediate family members (domestic partners, children between the ages of 16-21 and parents living within the home).

An individual with a Regular Membership may also receive a discount on a farm policy for their business or organization as long as they are the ‘Named Insured’ on that policy. Benefits do not extend within the business or organization to employees or business partners.