Legislative News

RMFU Supports Napolitano Amendment

Dear Representative Napolitano, On behalf of the 23,000 members of Rocky Mountain Farmers Union in New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming, I am writing to express our gratitude for your amendment to Rep. Lamborn’s PIONEERS  bill.  We agree with your concerns over the quantity and quality of water that will be used for commercial development of oil shale, a resource that has shown promise for close to a century, and never delivered on those promises. Our members already face a water shortage caused by heavy demands on the river and changes... Read More

Support Colorado HB1060

The purpose of HB 1060 (Concerning Regulating Dietitians) is only to license dietitians in Colorado. We are not trying to regulate any other group who gives out nutrition information or does nutrition counseling. Several groups do not understand the intention of the bill and have started a campaign to oppose it. There are actually nine exemptions or exclusions in the bill which cover anyone who performs or engages or practices nutrition, nutrition counseling, nutrition assessment, or nutrition care. That means certified nutritionists, nutritionists, herbalist, naturopaths, chiropractors, retail employees of Vitamin... Read More

Renewable Energy Depends on the Farm Bill

Colorado is blessed with natural resources vital to renewable energy development. Whether it is bright sunlight, strong and consistent winds, or abundant supplies of biomass from agriculture and forestry, Colorado can reap the benefits of the new energy economy. Our abundant natural resources are supported by thriving research and development network, including the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, outside of Denver. Colorado has the resources, the know-how, and even the workforce we need to meet our ever-growing demand for energy. Rural America is where the need for new jobs is most... Read More

RMFU Urges Careful Consideration of New Child Labor Regulations

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union posted a comment with the Department of Labor urging that proposed new federal regulations on child labor avoid unintended hardships to family farms and ranches. “We are concerned that the regulations do not clearly exempt family operations that have incorporated,” said Kent Peppler, a Mead, Colorado, farmer and President of RMFU. “We support regulations to improve the safety of young farm workers, but the regulations shouldn’t place unnecessary burdens on farm and ranch families whose children participate in the family work.” As a grassroots organization working... Read More

RMFU Transmission Corridor Workshop in Cheyenne, Nov. 17

At 3 p.m on November 17, Rocky Mountain Farmers Union will host a public meeting at Cheyenne Little America to examine the problem of creating transmission corridors to deliver renewable energy to customers eager for this clean energy. The panel will be moderated by former PUC commissioner Ron Lehr. Speakers include Craig Knoell (Transmission Infrastructure Manager for the Western Area Power Administration), Loyd Drain (Executive Director of the Wyoming Infrastructure Authority), Brent Orr (President, Cornerstone Transco) and RMFU Director of Renewable Energy Development Bill Midcap. The panel will look at... Read More

RMFU Urges Speedy Implementation of Entire GIPSA Rule

In a letter to USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack, Rocky Mountain Farmers Union has urged the Obama administration to stand up to corporate agriculture and implement the USDA packers and stockyards (GIPSA) rules. “The Packers and Stockyards Act was passed 80 years ago,” RMFU President Kent Peppler said, “and the regulations mandated by the 2008 Food and Farm Bill, which would control the virtually monopolistic power of industrial livestock operations, have been ‘reviewed’ for nearly two years. Meantime, family livestock operations are trying to stay afloat in a market that is... Read More

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union Members Honor Interior Secretary Ken Salazar for his Leadership

As part of a three-day legislative visit coordinated by National Farmers Union, members of Rocky Mountain Farmers Union met with Interior Secretary Salazar today in Washington, D.C. The group presented Salazar with a banner carried in the Manassa Pioneer Days parade to recognize his commitment to addressing national problems without causing local ones. Secretary Salazar’s family roots are in Manassa, with many generations of farming in Colorado’s San Luis Valley. As the Interior Department prepares to update a key federal plan for developing solar projects on public lands in six... Read More

RMFU Commends Bennet on GIPSA Stand

On behalf of family producer operations in Colorado, Rocky Mountain Farmers Union commends Senator Michael Bennet for his fair and thoughtful statement about the controversy surrounding the USDA’ packers and stockyards (GIPSA) rules. In a letter to the President, the senator gave his support for finalizing the rule published in the Federal Register more than a year ago. “The multinational livestock corporations have tried every trick in the book to thwart the democratic process and protect their privileged status,” said Kent Peppler, RMFU President and fourth-generation Mead farmer/rancher. “The game... Read More

NFU President in Denver for Discussion of Farm Bill Issues

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union hosted a roundtable discussion Thursday, July 14, at RMFU’s offices in Denver with National Farmers Union (NFU) President Roger Johnson. The program focused on consumer issues, including the environment, organic foods, health care, and nutrition programs. Roughly 70% of the budget for the “Farm Bill” is dedicated to nutrition programs like SNAP (formerly “food stamps”). The discussion was moderated by RMFU President Kent Peppler, a fourth-generation Mead, Colo., farmer. “In addition to its impact on farmers, ranchers, and agriculture, the Farm Bill addresses many food and... Read More

RMFU Denounces Latest Attempt to Kill GIPSA Rule

RMFU President Kent Peppler, a fourth-generation farmer in Mead, Colorado, today denounced the House for cutting USDA funds to enforce new livestock marketing regulations. “This is just the latest attempt to prevent enforcement of the Packers and Stockyards Act,” Peppler said. “By striking funding for GIPSA from the budget, Congress is reversing an important part of the 2008 farm bill. Consumers are tired of price-fixing on meat, small livestock operations are being destroyed by it, and the corporate ag lobbies are trying every trick in the book to keep business... Read More