Rocky Mountain Farmers Union is an advocate for family farmers and ranchers, rural communities, and consumers. It is a progressive grassroots organization in the tradition of its beginnings a century ago — non-partisan, dedicated to the Jeffersonian ideals of independence and community.

Founded in 1907, Rocky Mountain Farmers Union has grown to represent agriculture in New Mexico and Wyoming as well as Colorado. Together with other state organizations, it is part of the 250,000 member National Farmers Union.Traditionally a farmers’ advocacy group, Rocky Mountain Farmers Union has a much broader impact on American producers and consumers.

The principles promoted by Rocky Mountain Farmers Union are essential for food security and energy dependence. Rural life is a key to maintaining the American environment as a place where we can live as partners with nature.

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union is active in three essential areas: education, legislation, and cooperation.

The historical archive for Rocky Mountain Farmers Union is housed at Colorado State University. For a glimpse at the photographic collection, go to their on-line RMFU Exhibit.