About Us

Persistent Progressives From Day One

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union is an advocate for family farmers and ranchers, local communities, and consumers. We are a progressive grassroots organization whose members determine our priorities. Founded in 1907, Rocky Mountain Farmers Union represent farm and ranch families in Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming. Working together with similar state chapters across America, we are the heart and soul of the National Farmers Union.


What We Believe In (It’s Our Mission)

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union is a progressive, grassroots organization dedicated to
• achieving profitability for family farmers and ranchers;
• promoting stewardship of land and water resources;
• delivering safe, healthy food to consumers;
• strengthening rural communities through education, legislation, and cooperation;
• being the voice for family agriculture and rural communities.

The Big Picture

As a general farm organization, we see the big picture. Our members represent the entire variety of agricultural production in our region, from small scale specialty production and farmers markets in urban communities to irrigated fields of corn and four-generation livestock operations on the high plains. Just as importantly, we understand how agriculture is woven into our everyday lives and the nation’s economy. Our job is to provide our members with the tools they need to be profitable, to build better futures, and to have a voice that is heard by local, state, and national policymakers.