RMFU puts out four regular publications: The Rocky Mountain Union Farmer, Leader Letter, LegisLetter, and Action Alerts. Subscriptions to the Union Farmer are free with a membership (Join here) or $15/year for non-members. You can request a subscription to newsletters below. You will also find links to PDF copies of our Policy, By-Laws, and other information files. On your right is a link to “Officer Publications,” which is the place to find flyers and such intended for use by chapter officers to publicize local events.

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Union Farmer

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Mailed to RMFU members six times yearly with news, opinion, and information about agriculture, food and other topics. To subscribe, call 1.800.373.7638
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News and information for during the legislative sessions in Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming. [subscribe]
Action Alert Hot topics on the legislative fronts: federal and state. [subscribe]
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RMFU Policy RMFU’s Policy handbook outlines the organization’s advocacy position on federal and state issues. Policy is revised and ratified by delegates at the annual convention. The current Policy book is available in printable PDF format.
Leader Directory RMFU’s Directory lists contact information for county officers, the board, and RMFU and FUSA staff. The PDF file can be downloaded or used on-line. It has a clickable table of contents and can be searched just like a web page. The current Directory is also printable.
By-Laws The RMFU By-Laws as amended by delegates to the annual convention on November 20, 2010, are available in a PDF reading copy.
Colorado Bill Tracker RMFU Colorado Bill Tracker is updated weekly during the legislative session.