Rocky Mountain Farmers Union’s rural political action committee, RuralPAC, provides opportunities for individual RMFU members to participate cooperatively in local, state, and national campaigns.

We maintain a local PAC in each of our three states, in addition to the federal committee. State PAC funds are used primarily to assist candidates for state government positions.

RMFU PACs provide campaign support to congressional candidates who have worked for agriculture and rural interests over the years. Your RuralPAC pools small individual donations (which are not tax-exempt) to create significant financial contributions.

The PAC makes contributions to political campaigns after careful consideration, so that your dollars are used effectively to further our policies. In choosing candidates, the PAC committees take into consideration positions on livestock, market concentration, disaster assistance, energy alternatives, water, education, health care and more.

The PAC positions RMFU as a leader on agriculture and rural issues. With the PAC, RMFU can build coalitions with organizations and individuals outside of our membership on issues of mutual interest.

Organizations and individuals look to RMFU for leadership on major issues and for political events relating to agriculture. The PAC provides a business structure outside our tax-exempt status to sponsor fundraisers. It gives RMFU a strong presence at the local, state, and federal level.

The PAC operates under strict federal rules with advice from legal counsel. Accounting is meticulous, up-to-date, and scrutinized through proper audit procedures, tracking contributions and distributions.

The PAC structure allows you to have representation as a political contributor without having to research candidates personally and dedicate scarce personal time to helping them. A check to the PAC gives everyone associated with RMFU a voice in elections.

The RuralPAC is a safe and simple member-friendly mechanism for supporting the interests of the rural communities of the Rocky Mountain region.

RMFU Policy