Renewable Energy

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union is a leader in the development of sustainable rural energy programs.

RMFU’s Cooperative & Economic Development Center works with farmers and ranchers and rural communities throughout the Rocky Mountain region to inform and to support energy projects.

Project Development

The Center conducts meetings and workshops providing current information about renewable energy systems and energy-efficiency technologies including

Carbon Sequestration: Sustainable land use practices that reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
The Center holds meetings and workshops to address farm and livestock practices that improve the soil and may qualify for carbon credit markets. Details on our carbon credit program.

Organizational Structure

We provide business development services for utility-scale energy projects and biofuel process which includes guidance in creating a cooperative, LLC or corporation.

Relationships with Cooperative Electrics and Other Utilities

The Center has established working relationships with small and large utility companies throughout the region.

Financing Options

We provide a complete overview of financing opportunities which include banking partners, grant funds for renewable energy projects, government backed financing programs, and other options unique to the energy sector.

Insurance Solutions

Through the Farmers Union Service Association, the insurance division of the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union, we are able to provide high quality information on insurance products that cover the risks associated with renewable energy development for a home, small business, cooperative and large commercial developers.

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