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Announcement: RMFU Says No to Splitting Farm Bill, No to Ripping up Permanent Legislation

Announcement: RMFU Says No to Splitting Farm Bill

In a letter to Congressional representatives of Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming,  RMFU President Kent Peppler, a Mead, Colo., farmer, gave categorical opposition to removing the nutrition title from the Farm Bill. “Our organizational policy, which is set by grassroots members, recognizes the importance of nutrition programs to our nation’s future, security, and well-being,” Peppler […]

Announcement: RMFU Supports AGI Caps in Farm Bill

Announcement: RMFU Expresses Opposition to Tying Conservation to Crop Insurance

Announcement: Rocky Mountain Farmers Union Awards Scholarships to Nine Outstanding Applicants

Announcement: RMFU Joins in Westerner Praise for Salazar Oil Shale Plan

Announcement: Yuma DVM Tom Parks Chosen for National Beef Board

Announcement: RMFU Delegates Adopt Position on Farm Bill

Announcement: RMFU Opposes Kicking the Farm Bill to the Next Congress

News that the House will attempt to pass a three-month extension to the 2008 Farm Bill was greeted with disgust by RMFU President Kent Peppler, a fourth-generation Mead, Colo., farmer. “This is another round of obstructionism,” Peppler said. “Passing a three-month extension means passing the buck to the next Congress. And they are trying to […]

Announcement: Food Prices Are Not Driven by Drought

Google “drought” and “food prices,” and you will get pages of dire warnings about how the drought is going to drive up food prices. The connection seems obvious, but it’s not as simple as the news stories make it sound. The cost of growing food is only a small percentage (on the average, less than […]

Announcement: RMFU Congratulates Colorado Health Insurance CO-OP

Announcement: RMFU Board Demands Action on Approaching Agriculture Disaster

Announcement: RMFU Supports Biofuels for Defense

The Department of Defense has recognized that domestic biofuels can help reduce our military’s dependence on foreign oil. Converting a portion of its energy use to advanced biofuels improves our national security and military readiness. Unfortunately, Congress is moving to prevent the Department of Defense from purchasing biofuels. Reducing foreign oil consumption through increased use […]

Announcement: Summer Camp with a Cooperative Twist

Announcement: RMFU Applauds Investigation of Wyoming Premium Farms

Announcement: Eight Selected for Scholarships

Announcement: RMFU Sponsors Nonprofit Cooperative Health Insurer

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