Annual Convention set for Nov. 21-22 at Embassy Suites in Loveland

The annual convention of Rocky Mountain Farmers Union will be held Friday and Saturday, Nov. 21-22, at the Embassy Suites in Loveland, Colo. The event will be packed with educational sessions, speakers, a panel of ag leaders, and numerous other activities.

“Farming is both a business and a way of life,” says RMFU President Kent Peppler. “The reality is our American way of life would not exist without the work of farmers and ranchers. The word agriculture sums it up very well: culture and civilization are built upon the foundation of agriculture.”

Highlights of the convention will be:

Nolan Doesken, Colorado state climatologist, who will discuss farming in extreme weather conditions that are causing producers to rethink their operations in the face of changing weather patterns.

Justice Gregory Hobbs will review the history of water as it relates to agriculture, from the political realities to the practical possibilities.

Colorado Agriculture Commissioner John Salazar and Wyoming Director of Agriculture Jason Fearneyhough will offer their insights on the current status of farming and ranching in the region, and offer their opinions on what is likely to happen in the near future.

All of these speakers will take questions from the audience.

The event will include two workshops, one called “Connecting Experience with Enthusiasm: Intergenerational Ag,” the other will be “What’s Not To Like: Using Facebook to Connect.”

The annual Harvest Moon Gala set for Nov. 21 is a highlight of the event. The “fun’raiser” offers up games and good times while supporting RMFU’s education programs.

The main purpose of the convention is for RMFU members to debate and adopt policy priorities for 2015.

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